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We are active in the field of providing Education HR Consultancy services to the public and private sector.

Services We Provide

Our qualified organization thrives on the transmission of information and creativity across several fields in order to assist you with your career.

EU Projects

We passionately empower diverse groups through skill-building initiatives, striving to innovate education strategies.

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Lifeguard School

Let us assist you in becoming a capable member of the lifeguard crew and guide you towards securing a rewarding career in this field.

Municipality Partnerships

We’re ready to address any requirement your municipality has, spanning a broad spectrum of activities and operations.

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About In Action

“In Action”, founded on March 8, 2018, in Volos, Thessaly, Greece, is a dynamic organization committed to supporting cultural enrichment, lifelong learning, and adult education.

Our key objective is to promote knowledge, educational methods, and opportunities. In order to accomplish this we specialize in the following areas:

Education & Training

Social Inclusion & Intercultural Dialogue

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Green Initiatives & Support

Our Certifications

Discover excellence with In Action, a proud holder of industry-leading certifications. Our commitment to quality is certified, ensuring that you receive exceptional products/services that meet and exceed industry standards.

GHP Certificate (ENG)

GHP Certificate (GR)

Certificate of Hygiene Rules (GR)